Ghost Airplane are Shereen and Chris making weird electronic music with bright synths, moving guitars and haunting vocals.

We do record and produce our Songs in a bedroom near Finsbury Park. Listen to us and send us a message.

charm ep

nose dive: i come back as an angel purifiedin my heart! Would you like to try some of this cake/life ? I am another one, yet i'm the second. I can change all this life. I am flying an airplane full of hopes, and love, and dreams (i would like to try, i would like to fly).Please take a look around, it’s what you wished for but is it what you have dreamed? Put all the books away and flush away the pills; would you like to try? cause you are crazy! charm:"You're good for nothing, but I gave everything" that's what she said. "You know your own mind, like the back of your hand, if only. Who are you, who am i,who are we, Your soul plan's solo. Who are you anyway?" she found herself thinking. "You're up there with the best of them: King of the castle, charm her disarm her, dashing in and out. You're down there ,with the rest of them, hot now you're cold oh, busy with your own flow, dashing in and out. "We are all weird , dont you think so" he lured her in. "Trust me I’m like you, strange man, same dream. Eyes open like an oyster, waiting to taste the good life how long can this last?" "i think the moment’s past" You're up there with the best of them king of the castle,charm her disarm her, dashing in and out. You're down there,with the rest of them, hot now you're cold oh, busy with your own flow, dashing in and out. elephant: Green grow the rushes! Drink it up and feel the glow! Waiting for the pain to go! Tumble weed of time rolls on but still the hammer in my head seems gone. I'm clearer than I was before, of how the key lies at the core. Coming out into the light, where the things are nice and clean and bright. The blinking eye and scratching, it's a good thing I'm not feeling low. "Into the light I go. Out of the fog I grow. From the seed that I once plantedsprouts a being I'd like to know." "Green grow the rushes! Feel the sorrow overflow, drink it up and feel the glow". Into the light I go! Out of the fog I grow, flicker though the thoughts before It's a good thing that I am no more. fnf: One magpie and the sorrow begins: You've lost and/now bigger guy wins. Its not fair but it is what it is what it is. If two wrongs don’t make a right why d’you always take the fight? No fear no distraction your smiling inside! The only time you feel alive is when you are pumped and struggling to survive. It feels good it feels right you know no other way. "Where dyou think your going now? You cant leave the scene! You caused all this commotion can’t you s hear the people scream?" Bruised up lying on the floor, your ego’s screaming , this is war. But your bodies caving inand now your running out of steam: "Its not over now" When it dawns it’s a losing game. Getting older and its still the same but the thrill has all gone and your loosing your mind. You try to do good once more and treat others like you did way before but you’ve turned all your cheeks butyour still getting hurt. So you turn to what you’ve always known and reap the bitter seeds you’ve sown! Now Your back on the wagon , the games begin

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